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Here is what people are saying about their experiences in the groups:


"There is something about the level of insight, caring and support that I experienced from the program leaders, which continues to amaze me. They are truly masters at finding a possibility of expansion in any situation, in anything that is shared. I experience them as true leaders in that they fully live every single idea that they advocate." 
    Luc Cuypers - Calgary, AB

"The information that I got, although sometimes hard to hear, opened a lot of new windows."     Mike Fleury - Vancouver, BC

"Through their complimentary styles, Ashanti and Sarah created a truly loving and spontaneous experience. The value for me was seeing myself more clearly through intimate interactions throughout the two week experience. The warm hospitality of the local Mexican people, the soothing mineral pools, and the bright sunshine were welcome blessings. Thank-you "     
Michael Weiss - Red Deer, AB

"Life in the fast lane still, many people have asked us about our "holiday" in Mexico. The best we've come up with is this: Imagine the scariest thing you could ever do and then imagine doing it! AND living through it! I am living in the moment as much as I can stand and risking a lot when the opportunity presents itself. Sure made the heart and a lot of other organs work overtime. Our time in Mexico felt like years and yet being back has been like days. The opportunities seem to be coming at an accelerated rate. Could it be that with my judgments at least being looked at, the energy of the universe is now available? Thanks for the bump. It felt like a free fall, but I now feel the free part the most and I'm not as afraid as I was nor do I feel so alone. I need less sleep, food and have 100 times more energy. I am more alive than I have been in a very long time."     
Heather LeClair - Gillies Bay, BC

"I went to "Beyond This....More" not knowing what to expect. I haven't participated in a lot of formal personal development work and I was a little concerned that I'd not be as "evolved" as the others. What I discovered was that each of us is in our own place of development and when I was with the group, I was exactly where I needed to be. I felt safe, respected, and cared about. I learned to let go of the past in honour of the now. I realized how important it is for me to live my life and not my death. I learned that I only know what I know and what can be more exciting is what I don't know. So, I learned that saying "yes" opens my world to more knowing, more loving, and more peace. It was a gift being with a group of people whose search was nearly as exciting as my own. All this, and I got a great tan, too."   
  Francine Gaudet - Vancouver, BC

"What I love about your workshops the best is that you don't stick to a format that keeps me within a certain guideline or limits or whatever. There is so much opportunity….the invitations are there to go beyond, to be more, to do more, to get to a deeper level, to get more scared. You could call your workshops anything…I know that I am going to go in there, I am going to be bumped and I am going to bump. I am going to be more conscious outside of my conditioning - what is familiar. Which is what I go for..I go for the experience."  
 Magee Miller - Victoria, BC

"During the workshop, I had a glimpse of knowing that I can do anything, and a glimpse of what freedom is - enough to remember I had it despite my mind's persistent efforts to forget it - just enough to be able to remind myself of the choice to live through fear or through love. It also helped me realize how I was making myself un-able to be all of who I can be. I am far from totally realizing this, yet I am now aware of how I have been holding myself back with all my beliefs of not being able. Holding myself not able is buying into fear and letting "it" be in charge, rather than me."   
Berns Galloway - Victoria, BC

"The Mexico workshop was a great experience for me, in many ways. The health spa with its many hot pools, steam grottos, and broad patios overlooking Lake Chapala, provided a most attractive and conducive setting. A year-round hospitable climate - 14 straight days of sun and daytime temperatures between 22-24 degrees! The workshop was very challenging. Structure was minimal, allowing for spontaneity and "following the energy". Core beliefs were examined and "bumped" as we participants attempted to let go or expand our "cages" (mindset of how the world is). We were invited to examine and challenge our relationships or obsessions with food, sex and money. Their (Sarah & Ashanti's) homework assignment was more often than not "Go and see how much trouble you can get into!". As one or another of us at times would tend toward sober introspection, we were admonished to "Have fun and above all, don't take it too seriously!". The environment was very honest and supportive, and we were treated as responsible (response-able) adults."    
 Red (John) Fraser - Victoria, BC