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Being More Alive and Loving

a Spa Retreat in Mexico

Sarah Fleury and Ashanti Fraser

Longer residential groups such as this are a wonderful opportunity to relax into yourself, go to another level and find a different kind of personal truth and freedom within the loving “bubble” of this temporary intentional community. This is an ideal experience for anyone (including couples) who wishes a deeper connection with themselves and others and a greater state of clarity and awareness.

The Setting

SAN JUAN COSALA, JALISCO, MEXICO is one of several lovely and interesting small towns on the north shore of Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico, located just south of Guadalajara. The lakeside area combines incredible physical beauty with a warm and balanced climate and an authentic experience of central Mexico. It is a very special place to just "be" and enjoy. Sarah and Ashanti have lived in this area previously, have knowledge of it and a deep appreciation for its joys and wonders.

The gathering is held in the wonderful HOTEL BALNEARIO SAN JUAN COSALA which is a well known hot spring spa located right on the lake in the heart of the village and will offer a totally private setting for the group in the midst of the colour and hustle of a lively authentic Mexican experience.
You will have unlimited access to the healing hot mineral waters in pools, saunas and steams to complement your group experiences.
Check out the facility at http://www.hotelspacosala.com/web/en


February 16 - March 2, 2019


$2500.00 (CAN)
(this includes 15 nights of double accommodation, spa access and the leader fees)

Transportation and food costs are extra.

There is an early registration discount. Save $300.00 CAN if you register before
October 15, 2018.

To register, email sammasati@sammasati.com. ($200.00 CAN deposit required)

Join us if you can for what will be an extraordinary experience.

To view a video collage that will give you a flavour of the experience we had this year at the spa, check out:

Video of 2013 gathering

Video of 2012 Gathering

Here is how a few recent participants described the experience at the Balneario:

"The Balneario is like coming home to an amazing, nurturing environment that your heart always knew existed. The beautiful facilities consisting of gardens, pools, steam rooms, and spa services are far above the quality found in many resorts in the tourist centers on the coast at a fraction of the cost. The food sevice in the hotel consists of well prepared Mexican dishes at reasonable prices. My room was spacious and comfortable and wonderfully clean at all times. Having my own refrigerator was an appreciated bonus. Most impressive was the friendly, attentive, caring staff. These people from the manager, Edgar, to gardeners, chamber maids, receptionists, the lady making tacos --- EVERYONE really care about making your stay the best it can possibly be. They are proud of their hotel and it shows. I am already eagerly anticipating next year at the Balnerio and plan to spend an extra week there before or after the course."


"Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful love inside your hearts for us, for each other and for this great big mysterious Universe. It was like a tight-knit hammock in which I could rest and heal and find the strength to again come out and play! Much love and gratitude"


Nothing is like we think it is. It’s much grander and wilder and breath-stoppingly beautiful—if your notion of beauty can bear the flash of terror. But you have to step into the heart of life. Take what you commonly call fear as a sign you are on to something.

This has been the working hypothesis for Ashanti and Sarah for the 24 years they have been together. It’s the spirit behind their living and the source of the experiences they offer to people in evening gatherings and the longer groups they offer.

The theory has been well tested because Sarah and Ashanti run experiments. They experiment with things like food and money and sex and relationships, to see what they can discover directly for themselves, and they support other people to do the same. They have come to know they can live at least seven days without food or drink, they won’t die of jealousy and that hearts that are allowed to expand, don’t have to break. They look. They listen. They read poetry out loud; relate science for the clues to be uncovered there; play music and challenge beliefs that are unfounded. Entertain everything. All of this gives rise to an enthusiasm for living with uncertainty and without external securities, which is essential, because life is a risky business.

Take advantage of this expanse of time at this healing spa in central Mexico, where the sun and Spanish and the unfamiliar serve to refresh your outlook and dust off your insight. Become alert for what holds you back. Discover ways to open up to your present experience. Unclutter your life, untrain yourself and experience the inexplicable wonder of you.

Come to being more alive and loving.

Some recent participants describe it like this:

"There is another way to be in the world. The worries and fears may remain but their relevance and constant clamor fade as I am gently invited into moments of true quiet, connection and appreciation. The invitation is always there and it’s always gentle, and, while there are challenges in the experiences that are offered I always walk freely and at my own pace. There’s lots of time to laugh, or cry, and both are equally worthwhile. Sometimes the feeling of peace is, total. There’s friendship, there’s love."


"It came to me clearly this weekend why I have returned to attend the Sammasati's Mexico workshops for six years. I am beginning to believe that the truth of myself is that I am a loving being. However, in the world that I inhabit outside of the workshops I suit-up or armour-up to face the demands of plain ordinary living. As the years of workshops have gone by I have been experiencing a softening and opening to being more loving in more circumstances. Sarah and Ashanti's invitation to join them and others who are intent on being more loving, free and alive, gives me the opportunity to take the suit or armour off for two whole weeks! It also gives me glimpses into the beauty of other beings who are fumbling towards the expression of their true, loving selves. What a gift! The Mexican climate, people and food; our wonderful little Mexican hotel with spa, hot pools and steam caves seems to boost our willingness to open up, love and live to a more joyous level."


"Going to this intentional community can be as gentle as being touched by the Divine and as traumatic as having a stick of dynamite lodged in your belief system. Sometimes both occur within minutes of each other. You will not return the same person you were went you went. Being totally honest with all the other people and with yourself (someone will let you know when you are not) for two weeks rocked my world. It needed rocking."


"I thought I'd drop you a line to say how much I loved the workshop and appreciate your ongoing love and support. The experience is never what I think it will be (it was my third time) and usually much more.  Much more learning and loving and opening.  Being in the warmth of the people and the water and the sun makes it seem easy to do that and the encouragement to try new ways of being and the connections that I made with the participants there help to bring that warmth home with me. 
Places of not knowing seem easier.  Love and help from others seems more acceptable. Sometimes just walking down the street I will pay attention to my heart and wide spaces open up just like that. I find it freeing and energizing when I let myself experience a whole range of emotions around situations and people especially opposing ones all at the same time. One thing I experienced deeply at the workshop this year was that I want it all. Life. All of it.  Every crazy bit of it.  When I encounter particularly difficult situations or find myself resisting things or not liking it when I'm angry or sad or critical I think of that (when I remember).  I tell myself that this is part of the all that I said I wanted.  What a great thing that was. "


Access to the spa is quite simple. Routings into the Guadalajara airport are available from many major North American airlines. Then you are a 45 minute, reasonably priced taxi ride away from the hotel. All the accommodation choices are very clean, secure and private, making the opportunity to travel into Mexico very safe and available even to single travelers of either sex and people with children. Child care may be arranged in certain circumstances at an extra cost.

In the month of March the weather will be nothing short of spectacular for anyone who likes warm, sunny weather. Enjoying the local arts, the shopping and the excitement of being in another culture will combine a relaxing, warm weather holiday with an expanded sense of self and personal growth.




Sarah Fleury, B.Comm., Dip.C. & Ashanti Fraser, M.Ed., Dip.C., C.C.C.
have been working with people throughout North America for over 35 years. They have diverse backgrounds in business, education, public service and a wide variety of healing and spiritual traditions. This breadth and depth of expertise allows them to work creatively and spontaneously, effectively assisting and supporting others in being more alive, more aware and much more loving.

They are dedicated to bringing awareness to each moment of their everyday lives and to living truthfully and totally from no fixed position. Through this ongoing and ever evolving process they have discovered an immense gratitude for everything life offers.

They specialize in assisting people to see possibility rather than limits, truth rather than illusion and encouraging fresh perspectives to create movement, change and a deep ease of being into their lives.



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