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Livingness: Being You Anew through Ipseity

“If you wano form, no appeaance, no rno abode, but is lively and buoyant.”
Ipseity is your bare self-identity; the specific essence of you without anything obscuring it.

Livingness is the direct experience of your bare self, vibrant and alive, without being confined or limited by your constructed self.

Usually early survival requirements distract us from direct contact with our ipseity and livingness so we can acquire some degree of mastery over our bodies, minds, feelings and basic life skills. Eventually though, we need to expand our attention from perfecting our form to include reuniting with our essence. Otherwise, well after we have sufficient survival skills, we will continue to feed a life-and-death-sized anxiety and our life energy will literally be consumed by renovating ourselves and micromanaging our circumstances while we wonder why we feel dissatisfied, disconnected, disturbed, disappointed, depressed, discouraged and diseased.

Reacquainting yourself with ipseity and putting your attention on livingness is fundamental to well-being. It offers both freedom and integrity; a profound sense of spaciousness, newness and nowness. You can reclaim the awe, wonder and sense of timelessness of childhood and your constructed self can be held lightly and confidently. Restrictive patterns and traits can become more flexible, adaptable and responsible and new capacities can emerge with ease.


During this five day, open format, residential retreat you will learn practical techniques to:

• access ipseity--touch and realize the source of you, not just the use of you;

• explore and practice livingness with other people;

• trust your unique sensitivity and awareness new and awake in each moment;

• enhance awareness of and receptivity to the limitless energy that is your unencumbered state;

• highlight physical, mental, emotional and spiritual habits that keep you from receiving and following the clear, direct communication from all the interwoven aspects of your being; and

• disengage restrictive habits and engage healthful aspects of yourself to provide the unique perceptions, insights, passion and guidance that will enable you to live a rich and fulfilling life on your own terms.

August 24-29, 2018

At the EARTHSPRING SANCTUARY near Victoria, B.C.

Registration and details: contact sarah@sammasati.com

There are usually several accommodation options, including camping.
On request we will provide you with a list of possibilities, in various price ranges, for your consideration.
Food and its cost will be part of the group process.





Sarah Fleury, B.Comm., Dip.C. and Ashanti Fraser, M.Ed., Dip.C., C.C.C. have been working with people throughout North America for a combined total of 50 years. They have diverse backgrounds in business, education, public service and a wide variety of healing and spiritual traditions. This breadth and depth of expertise allows them to work creatively and spontaneously, effectively supporting others in being more alive, more aware and much more loving.

They are dedicated to bringing awareness to each moment of their everyday lives and to living truthfully and totally from no fixed position. Through this ongoing and ever evolving process they have discovered an immense gratitude for everything life offers.

They specialize in assisting people to see possibility rather than limits, truth rather than illusion and encouraging fresh perspectives to create movement, change and a deep ease of being into their lives.