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There is a story about Jesus wandering in India and coming across a group of very poor people at a well one day. He noticed that they all looked very unhappy. They reported that they were so tied up with the struggle of their daily existence that they did not have time for happiness. They thought they would have joy in heaven. Jesus responded, "My brother, man, your thoughts are wrong; your heaven is not far away; and it is not a place of metes and bounds, is not a country to be reached; it is a state of mind. God never made Heaven for man; He never created a Hell; we are creators and we make our own. Now cease to seek for Heaven in the sky; just open up the windows of your hearts, and, like a flood of light, a heaven will come and bring a boundless joy; then toil will be no cruel task." *

So this is it...you can be in heaven or hell in any moment. You create each moment. You always have a choice about how you see things and it is your beliefs and ideas that create either heaven or hell whenever you experience it. You can be free at any time. Every moment could be heaven.

The idea that most people carry deep inside of them is that they are separate from the flow of existence and from what is happening around them. This sense of disconnection is what underlies all the worries, anxieties, misery and suffering that you experience and see. Even though it all seems very "real", an incredible illusion is made up out of the crazy ideas that have been taught to you by others. What you think of as "reality" is what is keeping you away from the naturally vibrant state of your existence.

In each moment you have the choice to believe what you think you already know, which is usually built on a grid of fear and contraction, or of living from a totally different place. Think of it. Let yourself feel it. You could believe that you are a wonderful part of the flow of existence, that everything is exactly as it should be, that anything is possible and that you are perfect just as you are. Then the "default settings" in your inner computer would shift from fear to love, from believing that good and bad things happen to you to realizing that everything that happens is for you. We create "realities" based on these deeply rooted and often unconscious belief systems. Freedom simply means knowing that you have a choice. If you are in hell, you are putting yourself there.

Be as aware and awake as you possibly can be in every moment. Let that be your priority. A big part of waking up is finding ways to put aside, and not be so controlled by, your conditioning. You might, for example, imagine that an angel is sitting just behind your left shoulder, ready to love, guide and support you at any time, without judgement. No matter what technique you use to free yourself, your life will begin to "happen" and there is not very much that you have to do about it except stay open!

Now these ideas will drive your mind crazy, because it is unable to understand them and it wants to control your life by an act of will in order to keep you safe. But this approach is not working and is not necessary. You don't have to fight anything because this is not a battle. When you relax and get less attached to your willfulness and need to control, you will discover there is no need to judge yourself, others or any experience. You will find that there is an incredible appropriateness to existence.

You don't have to hold yourself so tightly together. You can just flow. And, if all of a sudden, something bumps you around and your mind says, "you see, you can't just let things happen", you don't have to believe it. If your partner has an affair, or somebody dies or the roof falls in - whatever is happening is happening for you. It is happening anyway. Your willfulness or resistance doesn't stop your partner from having an affair or anyone from dying. You often don't have much control over the actual events in your life, but you do have control over your responses to them. You don't have to live in such a high state of alert. It is killing you.

As you let go of your willfulness, you may find that you still have preferences. You might really love a certain type of coffee or ice cream but it's just a preference. And if you really open to existence, then those kinds of playthings are usually around.

As they will their way through the world, most people are living in a rather profound state of resentment and disappointment. When you are open, you are greatful for everything that happens. So when your partner has an affair, or you lose your job, instead of getting all bent out of shape, you could be saying, "Thank you. Thank you for creating an experience for me that I might not have had any other way." It's a gift. You are being set free. Probably you did not want to go to that job anymore anyway.

So existence is here and is giving you all the information that you need at any given time. If you live without too much willfulness then existence just comes and says, "Here, take a look at this" or "Let go of that" and it is quite simple and you do it. "Yes" to this. But your mind, your neurosis, wants to control it all and if you can allow yourself to be living in a "yes" then it all begins to flow and it is just moment to moment and you simply begin to happen. You begin to live your essence as opposed to the constructed reality of the mind. Life gets to be a lot more fun. You just follow the more natural energy that is there in all of us underneath the prison of our conditioning. You don't have to will it. Heaven or hell? It's your choice in every moment.

* The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ" by Levi p.63