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General group work description:

The primary focus of our work with people is to assist them to know themselves more deeply so they can live their unique life in wholeness, gratitude, fulfillment and integrity.

Most of our workshops involve a combination of the following:

• the exploration of ideas and beliefs to expand and develop the mind;
• meditation and contemplation practises for relaxation, awareness, concentration and discipline and
• a variety of experiential exercises to awaken and express the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

The combination of techniques depend on the participants in the group and the physical space we are using. For example, some spaces are not large enough or sufficiently sound contained to support extensive movement or sound release.

Our form of education is to

• expose people to new and enlivening concepts;
• help them become aware of their own core beliefs;
• support them to experiment with ideas and new possibilities in the group and in their lives after the group finishes; and
• to draw their own conclusions based on their own experiences.

We do not aim to have people agree with us or see things as we do. Instead we encourage them to explore themselves and life and to come to their own personal understanding and choices.

While meditation techniques are taught and utilized in most of our groups, these are not meditation classes. Interaction and engagement with the leaders and other participants form the platform of learning and growth. Participants are encouraged to discuss issues in the forefront of their daily lives to make the most of the workshop experience. This allows for a feeback loop where new self-knowledge and experience can arise in a meaningful way for each person.

We have training and experience with many kinds of therapeutic techniques which are useful in helping people free themselves from restrictive habits and beliefs. We offer these techniques in our groups when, in our judgment, they would assist people to be more aware, alive and loving.

While we don’t really teach models, we do present ideas and possibilities for people to consider, experiment with and to practise. Our form is a combination of methods where we present ideas for discussion and exploration; times of personal experience and reflection; and interpersonal experiences (with people working in groups of 2, 3 or 4 participants). We seldom work for a long period of time with just one person unless the group is very small. Rather, we offer a series of experiences that everyone can participate in together and then allow time for sharing and exploring what arose for people in their experience. Our work is highly experiential.

We are both very spiritual people, but we are not religious and we do not subscribe to any particular religious tradition. We have spent many years exploring the various religious traditions and have found many valuable tools to assist people to be as alive and whole and vibrant as they can possibly be. We see people as a unique expression of a divine source and approach all our interactions with people with that in our awareness.

On the whole, we would say we tend to offer more meditative and contemplative techniques; a more open, less structured format; and our workshops are infused with our own unique experiences and spiritual awarenesses coming from our combined 50+ years of personal exploration and working with people.

The main thing that is unique about us is that we do not work in just one form or from a fixed position. We draw from a considerable array of techniques and understandings to engage with people in ways that are most beneficial to them and their current circumstances and understandings.


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