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Change happens…in fact, change is the essence of life and the pace of change is increasing at an astounding rate. Difficulties, stresses and diseases result when we fight the force of our life with our desire to remain where we are not fulfilled. Try to imagine a flower refusing to become that which it's seed promises, or the river refusing to flow toward the sea. That is how unnaturally we behave when we refuse to aspire to our potential and when we resist our return to ourselves.

As babies, we have no mental idea of what we "should" do to meet our potential; we don't think of what we should eat, who we should associate with, what skill we should develop next. We simply respond to what existence offers to us. Before our world is interpreted for us, we are not aware of any limitations. When we begin to walk, for example, we fall down, but we are not defeated. The transformation from infant to toddler is an astounding phenomena and uninterrupted, this rate of change could easily continue and even accelerate.

But instead, we stop being fascinated by life and become afraid of it. We use our fear to try to control what wants to happen. And all the understanding and analysis of the sources of our fears and the possible consequences of our behaviors will not serve us in this experiment of life and the experience of ourselves. The only alternative seems to be to feel the fear and to live life anyway until the fear fades away again in the remembrance of who we really are.

It is hypothesized that as children, our fears of abandonment and possible death are real, given how vulnerable and helpless we appear when we are young. But whether that statement is true or not, it is simply time to grow up.

Growing up requires desire, discipline and a sense of humor. The desire to truly experience and live your life to the fullest, immediately removes you from the paradigm where things happen to you and places you in a state where you welcome and are grateful for everything life offers; where you realize that nothing is against you.

What separates us from this joyful state of being are the beliefs and attitudes that we hold about ourselves, other people and the world at large. It takes discipline to become aware of the conditionings and false behaviors we have, to begin to experience life for ourselves as it is in each moment and to challenge the beliefs we hold that unnecessarily limit us.

And a sense of humor is certainly recommended. For if the path of awareness and consciousness isn't fun, why bother?

For many years we have seen how people repress their thoughts, feelings and movement and we have recognized the energy required to hold against our experiences in life. But it's more immense and powerful and impossible than that. We have been trying to fight the inevitable, but life will not be conquered. We may win the battles, never the war. Events and circumstances are continually nudging us from our complacency and comfort. And, when friendly invitations to grow and transform ourselves are offered and ignored, the messages only become stronger and more insistent. We always have a choice about how we respond to the world and its events. It is much easier to volunteer for change than to wait for conscription.

If you stop trying to hold yourself constant, you will just happen naturally and freely. The world is nothing like we have been told. It is time for us to experience it directly for ourselves. This is possible by living fully in each moment without resisting what is. When you actively invite change and new experiences and keep opening to whatever wants to happen in your life without condition, the results are seldom what you would expect. But don't take our word for it.