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Energy Release Work

The history of our lives is recorded in the cells and tissues of our bodies. For many, this results in energy blockages that lead to a deadening of experience, disconnection from the flow of life and a diminished capacity to experience the joy and wonder of being alive.

When you include the opening of the body in the process of your self-inquiry and healing, a deeper, more integrated experience can occur. The resulting freed energy is available for you to live more fully and deeply. Knowing yourself then becomes not just a mental phenomenon, but an integrated experience at all levels of your being.

Experiences like anxiety, depression, addictions and other limiting psychological processes are often the symptoms of this deep and primarily unconscious blocking of the flow of life energy. Many states of physical dis-ease in the body, including sexual disturbance or apathy, have a large component of repression and energy blockage as well.

Using radical breath techniques drawn from both Eastern and Western traditions and practices, combined with deep tissue pressure point manipulation along with skilled processing of the emotional and psychological released material can assist you to unblock these pent-up energies and also de-program your body from the history of its conditioning.

This opening clears the way for an incredible felt sense of freedom, self-awareness and expanded possibility in the way you experience yourself and how you live your life.

Ashanti Fraser has been exploring and extending the ecstatic edges of the human experience for over 30 years. He brings together his considerable personal and professional skills to assist you to become more alive, loving and blissful.

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