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Being True:
Eccentrically we love.

an experiential gathering

Sarah Fleury & Ashanti Fraser

*This “open concept” group offers the possibility of using a variety of techniques including radical energy release work, meditation, movement, feedback, personal encounter, Attunement and numerous other liberating techniques to deepen self awareness and experience the state of freedom and truth that you can be living every moment.

*Specialized areas of focus for the weekend include support to connect with a deeper, more meaningful sense of self, creative lifestyle changes, strengthening your connection to the emotional and sexual aspects of your being, increased awareness of limiting beliefs, the welcoming of change and transformation and the expansion of consciousness in everyday life.

*Each offering of Being True is unique as experiences are offered in response to what the participants bring to explore, examine and address. Everything related to being human is open for discussion and investigation; nothing excluded. With curiosity and compassionate consideration, much fun is to be had.

*So, come and free up life energy that may be blocked or inaccessible; let go of fixed ideas about yourself and the universe; allow for a greater degree of openness and transparency of being; benefit from the company of other people; exchange notions of security with the realization of love; and feel the limitless life and spirit in your being.

*All of our workshops are fundamentally relational. The experiences we offer are designed to assist you to both deepen your connection with yourself and to enhance your ability to be who you really are with other people. For us this is a chicken and egg undertaking. From our perspective we come to know ourselves and each other both together and alone and we simply can’t do one without the other. We work in groups because this gives you the opportunity to be authentic with other people and to witness what happens when they are open and honest and alive in your presence. And we incorporate various meditation techniques because that allows you to be alone with other people around.

*Since we don’t come with a fixed agenda or belief system each person is free to explore whatever matters most to them. It is our experience that what you offer into the mix of the workshop will touch other people and encourage them to come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of you and of themselves and vice versa. It seems to us that this is what intimacy is all about. Being True is a great place to examine the kinds of beliefs and behaviours that get in the way of intimacy (with yourself and others) and to entertain and practise new ways of being that allow intimacy to grow.



Sarah Fleury, B.Comm., Dip.C. and Ashanti Fraser, M.Ed., Dip.C., C.C.C. have been working with people throughout North America for a combined total of over 50 years. They have diverse backgrounds in business, education, public service and a wide variety of healing and spiritual traditions. This breadth and depth of expertise allows them to work creatively and spontaneously, effectively supporting others in being more alive, more aware and much more loving.

They are dedicated to bringing awareness to each moment of their everyday lives and to living truthfully and totally from no fixed position. Through this ongoing and ever evolving process they have discovered an immense gratitude for everything life offers.

They specialize in assisting people to see possibility rather than limits, truth rather than illusion and encouraging fresh perspectives to allow movement, change and a deep ease of being into their lives.

Join us along the way for this very special weekend.

If you are coming from out of town, we can assist you with accommodation options in any of these settings.


April 27-29, 2018 Victoria, B.C. at the Earthspring Sanctuary
contact: Sarah sarah@sammasati.com

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In Victoria, all groups are now being held at the beautiful EARTHSPRING SANCTUARY
in the Highlands just outside of Victoria.

Contact us for location information for workshop settings and accommodation options if necessary by emailing Sarah - sarah@sammasati.com

Here are what some recent participants in a weekend like this had to say:

"The experience of this weekend workshop…the words are inadequate to encompass all that I have felt and learned. I sense this amazing shift within myself….and I am in awe and wonder of how far I have come in this journey. Thank you for the teachings—‘the listener, the truth speaker and the witness’. I am beginning to feel empowered in my choices, in the creation of my life which gives me the glimpses of true freedom and delightful joy!! I have gratitude overflowing from my being—for your easiness, the gentleness, the encouragement, pure acceptance and allowance. This experience has created even more desire for my life—to connect with my inner light, to have it shine brightly and powerfully within me…perhaps my light will touch other human beings as yours have touched me! "


"I have spent so much of my life building a wall around that it continues to be a struggle for me. I am a good builder...until recently the mortar joints were perfect and the inside was well polished and pleasing to me. I even had some trompe l'oeil windows on there so I thought I could see out. Since I met you both I started scuffing the walls and even have managed to knock some bricks loose. I quickly shoved them back in, but they didn't seem to fit just as well and a bit of light was seeping in around them. At first the light was blinding, but I am slowly getting used to it now. I have felt recently that my wall has been losing some of its structural integrity. I have been thinking a lot about the wall and it has occurred to me to start shoring it up again, but I realize that that is not the best way to go for me.

I have noticed an interesting change in perspective surrounding the joblessness issue today as well. Today I am glad I am not working because I am having time to reflect and solidify my experience on the weekend. I have always done the typically male thing of identifying who I am with what I do and joblessness and being unable to support myself has been a huge issue for me. Interesting that I should be a "Manager" in my career when I can't even manage my own feelings and emotions effectively. I have allowed the job and being a "provider" to define my existence as a person and as a man and it doesn't seem to have worked so far so I am trying hard to change it. Someone on the weekend asked me what I really wanted to do and I deflected in my usual way before admitting to wanting to be an artist. I was telling Susan about my ideas and she said that my face lit up when I spoke about it. At the moment I don't think I can be a starving artist, although starving for a bit might do me some good too lol.

I really just wanted to express my gratitude for your influence in my life and for the effort you make for the groups you run.

Thanks for listening....Love you both"


"Please, receive my gratitude and thanks for this incredible,terrific experience during last 3 days. I never met before people as you, who can sometimes be as profound as gurus, sometimes mischievous as...mischievous children, and sometimes just as vulnerable as we all are. I am reminded of the proverb:" When you are ready-the teacher is coming", and feel twice lucky to meet you both....Love you both"


"I would love to see you here, and for you to meet and spend time with Sarah & Ashanti. I can't tell you how much their presence has been a blessing in my life, and I know you will find a similar experience. Sometimes love has wings, other times love has a face (or two faces); Sarah & Ashanti are the face of love. This weekend will be a gift, I hope you will make yourself part of the gift we'll all give each other as we spend this time together."


"I enjoyed the weekend very much and at this point still have little pain and less stress. I am interested in any other weekends of this sort both for my own self care and for some of my past clients..... my enlightenment progresses as the flash of a match struck in a large dark room and I always need time to meditate on what I saw in that flash.
Thank you for the flashes. I supply the dark room.