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Sammasati Seminars offers a variety of awareness and personal growth workshops and private counselling sessions. These services are offered all over North America and Mexico. Sammasati’s base of operations is in Rockglen, Saskatchewan.

Around the various experiences offered by Sammasati, emphasis is placed on using the time both in and out of sessions to experiment with living in a heightened state of awareness, as well as learning to have more fun and excitement in life.

These are wonderful opportunities to relax into yourself, go to another level and find a different kind of truth and freedom.

These are ideal experiences for anyone searching for a deeper connection with themselves and a greater state of clarity and awareness.

We specialize in assisting YOU to:

~ increase your awareness

~ wake up to each moment

~ choose love over fear

~ live without defensiveness

~ welcome the unpredictable

~ allow your loving to emerge

~ challenge your existing beliefs about yourself, others and life

~ experience the ease of simply being

~ open to all that existence has to offer

~ make choices without limiting possibilities

~ invite a deeper and clearer appreciation your own essence

~ be touched deeply and profoundly by others

In service of the above, Sammasati offers a variety of experiences and groups. See our most recent Schedule of Events for more information.

For a general overview of our group process work click here.

There is also the opportunity for private retreats and individual session work. Click here for information about private sessions that are currently offered in Rockglen, SK and by Skype and phone.

Also offered are sessions from the sacred healing art of Attunement.

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